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Breaking News! Bowen University Relieves Over 100 Workers Of Their Duties

A source at the organization revealed to The Nation that letters of separation were sent to the influenced laborers through email on Tuesday night. The source said the school asserted that the monetary emergency brought about by COVID-19 pandemic was the purpose behind the conservation.

One of the influenced laborers, who argued obscurity, told our correspondent that the college sent sack letters to more than 100 individuals from staff on Tuesday night “and this is producing strain on the grounds now.”

He stated:

“Over 100 of us are affected and we may resort to violence because the reason for the sack was not genuine. The Vice Chancellor, Prof Joshua Ogunwole, recently bought a vehicle worth over N42 million despite the economic situation. So you can see that it is caused by wickedness and insensitivity.”

College representative Toba Adaramola affirmed that the foundation sacked a few specialists.

“Technology can take care of the duties of most workers that were sacked. So it is a way of sustaining the university so that it can maintain its status. There is no protest in the school,” he said.