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Breaking News!!! Oyo Speaker’s Mother Becomes Iya’loja General Of Ibarapaland

Justina Ogundoyin known to be the wife to the late philanthropist, Chief Adeseun Ogundoyin.

The Speaker has congratulated his mother on her induction as the Iya-Oloja-General of Ibarapaland.

Ogundoyin expressed his mother as a rare gem, who is highly respected and identified with the people of Ibarapaland despite losing her husband 29 years ago.

He said,

“I and my siblings lost our father so early in our lives, but growing up with mum was interesting and the way she always keep in touch with the Ogundoyin clans and the entire Ibarapaland is still surprising.

“Chief Tina Ogundoyin is always appreciated because of the love and efforts she invested in the people and their children. I congratulate her not only as a mother, but also as a woman with a big heart, which accommodates and fight for her people all the time.

“The chieftaincy recognition is a cultural way of appreciating her support for the people and the communities. It is a good thing, she loves it, and we welcome it as a family.”


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