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Buhari Cannot Handle His Immediate Family, Let Alone His Party And Nigeria – Fayose

Fayose in his tweets shared on Saturday night, said Nigeria is right now being overseen by “odd partners” who took it by connivance and duplicity. He expressed that what is befalling the APC in Edo State is a pointer to the “powerless circumstance the nation is right now in.”

The previous Governor included that President Buhari who ought to be the pioneer of APC “can’t run the issues of his close family, not to mention dealing with his gathering and the country.”

He tweeted;

Gold is only sold to those who know the worth. Sadly, Nigeria is currently being managed by strange bird fellows, who took it by conspiracy and deception. People who can’t even manage their party.

Now, our country is bleeding seriously and we must salvage it together. What is happening to the APC in Edo State is a pointer to the helpless situation that our country is now.

The President who should be the leader of APC cannot even run the affairs of his immediate family not to talk of managing his party and the nation.