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Child’s Rights Act Implementation: Kwali Council Inaugurates 21 Man–Committee


The Kwali Area Council of The Federal Capital Territory, Abuja has inaugurated a 21-man Committee for the purpose of the Child’s Rights Implementation Committee in collaboration with ActionAid Nigeria and Rule of Law and Ati-Corruption, RoLAC.

The inauguration was done by the Chairman of the Council, Hon Danladi Chiya, who was represented by the Vice-Chairman of the Council, Hon Jubrin Zubairu Yahuti.

The inaugurated members will be subsequently trained on how to deal with issues as it relates to children in line with the provisions of the Child’s Right Act, the Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act 2015and other policies that relate to violence against children particularly infants in the FCT.

Hon Jubrin Zubairu Yahuti said;

“This gathering is paramount because it is a key to nation-building. No doubt ActionAid Nigeria has been on the news headline considering its stance for human and social prosperity, justice, and equity.

“I want to commend ActionAid for choosing Kwali Area Council for its projects. On the strength of the Child Rights Act 2003 which stipulates Area Councils set up this committee we want to assure ActionAid of the Area C unflinching support to this initiative.”

“We have nominated hardworking and zealous persons who will work for its realization of the purpose of this committee. I hereby declare the committee inaugurated”,

The Minister also commended ActionAid and RoLAC for the facilitating inauguration of Kwali Area Council’s CRIC;

“I want to appreciate ActionAid, RoLAC for making it possible for us to be here because this is the full implementation on issues that affect our children and the Child Rights Act itself in this local government.”

“I want to state that when a child is denied his or her rights it also includes limitations and obligations because we found it difficult to pass this Act year back in 2003 because people don’t really understand when you talk about the child’s rights and thought children will become heady. No!”

“When say child’s right we are not trying to make the child naughty or revolt on any issue but rather we are teaching them that in every right there is a corresponding responsibility and you have to respect other persons right too.”

“So by setting up this committee we the players-NGOs will now have a level playing ground to be able to support the committee to fully implement the rights of the children. However, he lamented how children were exported to all forms of abuse during the lockdown due to Conavirus, COVID-19 pandemic.”

“It is no gainsaying that the rate at which children are abused is becoming very rampant. Everybody that stayed at home during this lockdown will definitely tell us the truth that children were fully abused.”

“Now the sensitization is left with the committee to let people understand that it is very wrong not to protect the child that is in your custody or other person’s child that needs that protection.”

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