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EDO 2020: Godfatherism Must Not Return To Edo State – Gov Godwin Obaseki’s Aide


Hon. Osamudiamen Destiny Odeh, known to be the Senior Special Assistant to Governor Godwin Obaseki, has validated the Edo State governor for a second term.

In a video where he highlighted the need to ensure that the infamous godfatherism does not return to the state And that the four years of progress achieved by the present government is sustained, Hon.Destiny Odeh declared his public and unwavering support for the governor.

Stating the importance of continuing the governor’s legacy of social, economic and political development, the recently appointed SSA to the governor implored the people of Edo to vote in the best interests of the state on September 19:

“In the past 4 years, Governor Godwin Obaseki has shown his capabilities in managing the economic, political and social affairs of the state. He is leading the people of Edo State to the path of development and prosperity, and the power to maintain this lies with the people.

“Edo State has come far from the horrors of political anarchy, thuggery, underdevelopment and needless violence. We have left the throes and stronghold of godfatherism, and we must never go back! We have to do this right.”

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