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Experts Suggest Ways To Boost Agricultural Sector


As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many farmers have lost their income which in return has disrupted the food supply chain. To this end, experts suggests way to deal with the situation.

Nigeria has millions of smallholder farmers who grow fruits, vegetables and various cash crops, and there has been much loss as a result of the lockdown around the world.

The Federal and state governments have swinged into action to help the sector, hence the need for a relief package to ensure food security and to support agriculture to fuel the nation’s growth.

Prof Abel Ogunwale, a World Bank Consultant said that the key sectors of the economy would seek interventions, including the food industry. In his words:

“The food industry will need relief funds for the following reasons: The agricultural production and food industry are adversely affected by COVID-19 in the sense that farmers have loss during this pandemic and food production for 2020 will suffer greatly as a result of COVID-19. The industry found difficult it to secure raw materials from local sources as a result of lockdown and boarder closure.”

‘’Food industries will be forced to reduce staff strength due to their inability to procure raw materials and process them for optimal profitability. So, without relief fund from the government it may be difficult for many food industries to remain in business and provide employment for the workforce.  So, to increase their capacity to generate jobs and make positive contributions to  the growth of Nigeria, food industry should be provided with relief fund.”