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Family Takes Governor Fayemi To Court, As They Wants Oba-Elect Disqualified

Governor Fayemi

In a suit number HAD/44/20 recorded at the Ekiti State High Court, Ado Ekiti Division, the Famokiti royal family is encouraging the court to invalidate the choice of Adeniran Oluwafemi Ajibewa from the Ajibewa Ruling House as the Olorin-choose on the reason that such illustrious tradition never existed throughout the entire existence of the town.

The suit was recorded by Princes Gbenga Fajulugbe, Olaniyi Fajulugbe and Segun Olatoye, speaking to the Famokiti illustrious tradition as offended parties. Joined as litigants are Adeniran Ajibewa (first), Samuel Ajibewa (second), Governor Kayode Fayemi (third), the state Attorney General (fourth), state Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs (fifth) and Secretary, Ido/Osi Local Government (sixth).

In the authoritative record ousted to by their legal counselor, Obafemi Adewale, the offended parties said the choice was a blatant infringement of the Ekiti State Chieftaincy Law, Olorin Chieftaincy Review of 1977 and the Morgan Report of 1988, which perceived just Famokiti and Olubunmo as the two existing decision houses in the town.

The offended parties battled that the ongoing Justice Jide Aladejana Judicial board of enquiry set up by Fayemi to survey chieftaincy matters in Ekiti State turned down the solicitation for the making of the Ajibewa tradition and gave a proposal that lone the Famokiti and Olubunmo administering houses ought to be perceived.

In view of the previous, they desired for an injunctive request putting aside the choice, assignment and endorsement of the first litigant as the Olorin-choose.

They likewise looked for a request limiting the senator or its operators from proceeding with the establishment of Ajibewa as lord or making further strides, pending the assurance of the considerable case. Likewise looked for was an assertion that the first respondent was neither from Famokiti nor Olubunmo and that Famokiti was the close to create the new Olorin.

Following the choice and endorsement of Adeniran Ajibewa as the Olorin-choose, the two decision houses had on June 4, 2020 composed a dissent letter to Gov Fayemi, saying Oluwafemi Ajibewa was not a recognised prince in the town.

The letter, composed through the Law Chambers of Obafemi Adewale and Co, demanded that a periodical purportedly marked on June 3, 1999 setting up the Ajibewa imperial tradition was “a result of imitation and an egregious mutilation of chronicled realities about the network.”

In any case, the state government, through the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Prof Adio Folayan, has consistently kept up that due ingenuity was followed in the determination of Ajibewa as the Olorin-choose and that no law or convention was dodged.