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Fearless Baby Mama Hijacks Ex Police Commander In Public Over Child’s ‘Chop Money’ (Video)

A video coursing on the web shows the angry anonymous lady abusing the once a police chief, arm-bending him before pushing him from one roadside to the next in the full glare of cameras and observers.

The irate woman was heard requesting for a collected youngster bolster cash of KSh 300,000.

She charged the official just distinguished as Mureithi, and whom she guaranteed was a resigned Voi base authority, of declining to assume liability much in the wake of taking the issue to a Children’s court for intercession, as per

“He has refused to take responsibility as the father and he has retired. How does he want me to take care of the kid?

“Take his photos he was a base commander but has now retired…I need KSh 300, 000 for upkeep as you promised,”

Smoldered the woman.

She held the powerless man for over ten minutes and endeavors by onlookers to safeguard him demonstrated pointless. It took the mediation of cops who were on the lookout to protect him in the wake of quieting her down holing up behind coronavirus.

“Coronavirus aside. I want my Ksh 300k child upkeep. I will never go to court neither will you take me to the station. My father is a retired cop too,”

The lady reiterated.”