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Government officials blackmailing me over 774,000 occupations – Festus Keyamo


Festus Keyamo, the Minister of State for Labor and Employment, has blamed a few government officials for blackmailing and constraining him into getting openings in the 774,000 occupations affirmed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Keyamo, who revealed this while introducing the states’ choice advisory group of the venture, yesterday, in any case, promised not to bow to such terrorizing.

The 774, 000 occupations is planned for making work for incompetent Nigerians which will keep going for a quarter of a year.

Laborers under the plan would be paid 20,000 month to month.

In any case, the minister kept up that the activity would be assigned to common Nigerians.

As indicated by Keyamo: “There has been an endeavor at coercing us in this specific program also to make us likewise respect political pioneers. Be that as it may, we have said actually no, not while I am here.

“But Mr. President, who delegated and gave me the chance and uncommon benefit to drive this program stops me, no other political pioneer or individual can stop me. I am responsible just to Mr. President. This program is for all Nigerians.

“Prior to coming here today, there has been an endeavor by certain political pioneers to state I should come and see them off camera first to figure out who gets what and how. I said no, I won’t do that. I am prepared whenever for an open discussion on this with them.”