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HURIWA Condemns Anti-Shiites Nollywood Movie

anti shiites movie

A Statement made by the Pro-Democracy and Leading Civil Rights Advocacy Group, Human Rights Writers Association Of Nigeria (HURIWA) has condemned the portrayal of the shiites in the Nollywood movie ‘Fatal Arrogance’.

While disputing that the chief of army staff is not the sponsor of the movie, the group urged the Nigerian government to put an end to the persecution of the Islamic movement of Nigeria with the release of their leader.

According to HURIWA;

“The Islamic Movement in Nigeria is the most widely known Shia Muslium group in Nigeria, where the vast majority of Muslims are Sunni. It was founded around 1978 by cleric Ibrahim Zakzaky while he was studying economics at Abu Zaria University in Kaduna, northern Nigeria, where many Shiites live.”

“In the last few weeks, Nigerians have been overwhelmed with the alleged portrayal of Shiites in a yet-to-be-released Nollywood movie titled, ‘Fatal Arrogance’, which starred Pete Edochie as the lead character in the film.”

“Predictably, the movie, which was shot in Enugu and produced by Anosike Kingsley Orji, derived its title from the book written by a security analyst cum activist; Mr. Terrence Kuanum. What many are confused is why the filming of such a movie at a time the country is volatile.”

“In as much as we know that filmmakers have creative license to dramatize imaginary situations, this does not come into any of those realms. This is because the peaceful protesters of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria are mischievously depicted as armed protesters, with guns and knives tasty for the blood of the innocent.”

“We are shocked by the film ‘‘where the popular Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky are being depicted and badly portrayed as terrorists. It is regrettable that the group being portrayed as violent is perceived by lot of Nigerians as the victims of state sponsored terrorisms as a lot of them have been killed by armed security men while carrying out their peaceful processions and/or protests as the case might be.”

“In a swift reaction to the Movie, which is still in the oven of production, the IMN had issued a statement maintaining that the movie is a propagandist portrayal of its detained leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky and the Shiite followers, with the leadership of the Nigerian Army as the sponsors”

“Hence, we are by this statement demanding that government ends the persecution of those people and release their leader, appologise to them and compensate them. Additionally, government should remove the illegal toga of a terror group that was imposed on IMN illegally.”

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