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I Didn’t Ask Police To Restrict Movement Of My Deputy – Akeredolu

Agboola had been confined from leaving his official quarters at the administration house on Saturday night by cops drove by Bolaji Salami, chief of police.

The representative senator close by a portion of his own assistants were attempting to move their properties out of the administration house when police halted them.

The senator was blamed by some for the supporters of Ajayi of providing the requests that the police followed up on.

There are reports that the appointee senator would desert to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), with the expectation to challenge against Akeredolu in the pending political race in the state.

Be that as it may, Segun Ajiboye, Akeredolu’s representative an announcement on Sunday, said the senator had no deliver the adventure.

He said it is a typical practice in government for stock of workplaces and private quarters to be taken before an official leaves such premises.

Ajiboye said it is “troubling” that assistants of the delegate representative demanded leaving the premises with things enclosed by indistinct proprietorship.

He said the inclusion of the magistrate of police was to reestablish peace, portraying the claims against the senator as “outright deception”.

“It should, notwithstanding, be put on records that it is a tried and true code in government’s business for authorities to take stock of workplaces and quarters when an authority is moving in or out of workplaces or quarters,” the announcement read.

“As needs be, the Commissioner of Police mediation which was at the occasion of a nearly controlled security contraption at the Government House was generally alluring to reestablish lawfulness.

“It turns out to be especially troubling and dubious when helpers of the Deputy Governor demanded leaving the premises with things enclosed by indistinct possession as late as 11pm.

“Representative Akeredolu repeats his pledge to the privileges of all, including the Deputy Governor senator. However, he has an obligation to be firm and impartial in practicing the jobs doled out to him.”