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Imansuangbon Reveals He Stepped Down For Obaseki To Build Stronger PDP In Edo State

Handling inquiries from newsmen in Benin, ‎Imansuangbo said however it was an agonizing choice for him and his supporters over the state and past, he would not be “a spanner in the gear-tooth of the gathering.

“It is a defining moment for the party and the country. It is painful for me to submit my 16 years of trying to be governor.

“However, I needed to take it because of the unity of the party, because of the Nigeria nation as a country. The country, the party is far above me, the pressure was much. I cannot be spanner in the cog of the party.

“The struggle is not about me anymore but about the country, Edo and Obaseki himself is doing very well. So I have decided to step down for him and support him.

“Obaseki has assured me that all my dream for the state he will work on it; that he will tackle the issue of hunger, that he will identify with the weak, address the challenges on our roads, build more schools and make the people happier.

“Obaseki is a fine gentleman, there can only be one captain at a time. I have always known him from afar. Humanity demands that a man who has done well, though he was distracted by APC and Oshiomhole, needs to be supported”.‎

Imansuangbon expressed that it was acceptable Obaseki took the choice to leave APC when he did, including that his political future is with God, even as he guaranteed that PDP would rise successful in the September 19 survey.

“PDP will defeat APC with a landslide and I will lead the attack”, he said.