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Islamic Members Reacts As Lagos State Governor, Sanwo-Olu Changes Opening Of Churches And Mosques

MURIC Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, in an announcement in Lagos on Thursday embraced the choice by the Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu to suspend the reviving of holy places and mosques.

The gathering noticed that the quantity of COVID-19 cases were horrible for opening spots of strict spots.

The announcement peruses to a limited extent:

“We fully endorse the decision of the Lagos State to suspend the opening of Churches and Mosques.

“As at June 17, Lagos confirmed 7,461 COVID-19 cases out of the total national figure of 17,148. This represents approximately 44 per cent.

“The state government has taken the right step by suspending the reopening of churches and mosques. “

He advised Lagos residents to exercise patience, adding that the number shows the state is the epicenter of the pandemic.

“We can worship God or Allah from the confines of our homes, but we can no longer worship once we are in the graves.

“It is when we are alive that God needs us to worship Him. Dead men do not and cannot worship.

“We must therefore be patient. We do not have to go far looking for God. God is everywhere, “

The announcement included.

He further asked Nigerians to understand their religions and approach them with control.