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Obaseki Can’t Be Under 2 Parties, It’s Not Right – Ex APC Secretary


Erhahon said Obaseki is encircled by back-stabbers who are asking him and his Deputy, Comrade Philip Shaibu, to keep on pursueing their gubernatorial aspiration on the “wonky, lapsed and void foundation of the PDP.”

Erahon, in an announcement gave in Benin, the state capital, said the June 26th 2020 Supreme Court judgment for the situation including Chief Uche Nwosu of AA party, who partook in the gathering essential appointment of two diverse ideological groups in Imo State should have made Obaseki to have a reevaluate as a result of the lawlessness of the activity.

He stated: “The apex court made the judgment so expressly as though it was intended for the governor and his deputy to comprehend what destiny anticipates them in the state.”

As indicated by the previous chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in the state said;

“The Supreme court nullified Uche Nwosu nomination in AA on the account that he had contested for nomination under APC.

“As if to explain itself further to the outgoing Governor, the Supreme Court elaborated on how the relevant law nullifies the PDP candidacy for their understanding when it elaborated thus.

‘The spirit of the law forbids anyone to contest for nomination under two or more parties in same election or even start the process of being nominated by procuring the nomination form.’ How does Gov Obaseki hope to escape the last clause?

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