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Olusegun Eulogizes Lagos State Governor, As He Clocked 55


The Executive Assistant on Public Relations and New Media to Lagos State governor, gave an appraisal of the virtues of Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who clocked 55 this week.

Olusegun Fafore described the governor to belong to the small class of people who regardless of their achievements in life, still makes efforts to stay connected to the society and their friends. showing respect and value in his conducts with people of different categories.

Speaking more on the governors humility, Olusegun said;

It may be briefly, but I have seen the governor in two different roles. Initially as an aspirant to the exalted office of the Governor of Lagos State, when his passion for service took him to every nook and cranny of the State, canvassing for votes and engaging people with solutions to some of the challenges facing the State.

Even though Lagos was an All Progressives Congress (APC) dominated-State, he left no stone unturned in chasing his vision and constantly sought the face of God. He demonstrated that faith without work is dead, just as he proved that vision is more important than sight in achieving aspirations. Day and night, he worked really hard to convince Lagosians about his seriousness and readiness for the office.

Subsequently, he was elected the 15th Governor of Lagos State. The ceremony that ushered him into office signalled the responsibilities of the life ahead of him as the Governor of Africa’s most populous city and 5th largest economy.  On that glorious day, it rained heavily, which affirmed that God is with him on the journey of leading Lagos to greatness.

Undeniably, the occasion was so beautiful that it could stoke the embers of envy and inadvertently attire him in conceit, if temperance was dead. But none of these will happen because Sanwo-Olu has made himself everybody’s Governor, willing to listen and ready to act.

Since his inauguration a year ago, the governor has become the model for how to control power and make it subservient to the people. We all know that power can be likened to a rabid dog, imbued with riotous energy to shield their owners from the truth and isolate them from humanity, but Sanwo-Olu has remained accessible and connected.

As governor, he dropped the title of ‘Your Excellency’ and chose to be addressed as ‘Mr. Governor’ because he reflected that no man is excellent, no matter his status in the society and enormity of his wealth, except God.