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Wife Reports To Court On How Her Husband Fails To Meet Her Sexual Demands

Marriage between Jennifer Ojeka and Joseph was said to be dissolved by an upper area court in Markudi on Wednesday on  a ground that Mr Joseph sex starves his wife.

According to the judge, Ms. Rose Iyorshe, held that evidence before the court showed that the marriage is no longer functional. Iyorshe ordered Ojeka to return the bride price paid by Joseph.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Ojeka instituted a divorce case against her estranged husband, Joseph on grounds that he beats his wife up at any little provocation and also sex starve her.

“I have tried everything possible to make the marriage work but all efforts failed,” the petitioner said.

She said that she married Joseph in 2012 under the Calabar Marriage Law and Custom.

Mr Joseph who refused to honour court summons, however, sent an account number to the court for the petitioner to pay back the bride price.