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Angry Leno Shouts At Maupay As Gunner Goalkeeper Suffers Horror Injury

The 28-year-old shouted in anguish when his right leg clasped underneath him subsequent to surging out to guarantee a high ball on the edge of the penalty zone.

His concerned partners immediately got mindful of the reality of the injury and promptly required the clinical group to go onto the pitch.

In the wake of accepting broad treatment, Leno was taken off the pitch on a stretcher yet not before indignantly denouncing with Maupay, who was in closeness to the guardian as he vied for the high ball.

Replays demonstrated Maupay had burst into Leno after the previous Bayer Leverkusen keeper had asserted the ball, which implied the Gunners’ main keeper was reeling as he planted his foot.

Leno likewise had all the earmarks of being worried about conveying the ball outside of the punishment territory, which added to his cumbersome landing.